About the Artists:


Mustika works out of his family compound near Ubud in Bali, Indonesia and is considered one of the most talented woodcarvers of the Balinese style.  Sculpting in wood for almost 50 years, Disney designers discovered Mustika and commissioned him to carve the awe inspiring Balinese sculptures at Disney World and the Disney World Mandara Spa. Huge commissions do not come often and Mustika continues to live and work traditionally carving the most important religious and folkloric Balinese sculptures. Each of the Four Elements series bike crates was conceptualized and carved by Mustika in local new growth teak wood and bears his carved signature.




Ulin was born in Tibet, the son of a Indonesian father and Tibetan mother and moved to Java when he was a child where he studied art, music, philosophy and law, graduating from the University of Jakarta with a law degree. After working as a music producer and professor of art in Jakarta, Ulin moved to Bali and set up a rural workshop to build furniture and art from wood he salvaged in Java. In Bali, Ulin’s workshop sits alongside a picturesque rice paddy where he paints landscapes, restores antiques and builds Bike Krush bike crates from beautiful antique Javanese teak wood carvings. Traveling often between Bali and Java, Ulin surfs and plays music when he isn’t creating or collecting something.