About Bike Krush Bike Crates

Bike Krush originated from a quest to find uniquely crafted bike baskets and led to a mission to provide beautiful and innovative designer and artisan bike products, not from a factory, but from the makers themselves.   Our Balinese carved bike crates are made of new teak and reclaimed Javanese hard wood and sustainable wages are paid directly to the artists in their village studios in the forests of Indonesia.  No factory, no middlemen.  Far above the Indonesian monthly minimum wage of $77 US dollars, sustainable wages in Bali are approximately $450 a month.  One Bike Krush bike crate pays between $20 to $40 US dollars directly to the artist and surpasses the sustainable wage thresh hold. Compensating artists for their work with higher pay than hazardous, illegal and menial work or becoming victims to devastating crimes such as human trafficking is a real solution.   We are bike lovers and art lovers and we want to support the people who give us so much joy!  Be it Dutch designs to rickshaw rustics, every time you buy a Bike Krush product you are purchasing something made by hand and for the heart. Thank you for shopping Bike Krush and our unique selection of bike accessories, bike crates, bike baskets, bells and please send us a photo of you and your bike with some Bike Krush on it!GE DIGITAL CAMERA